About us

About HorseWyse

HorseWyse started in June 2001, and instantly became Australia's No. 1 magazine for young horse lovers. It is published four times a year, in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. We try to fill up as much of the magazine as possible with great stories, educational articles, fun activities, reader stories and photos, competitions, stunning posters and much more! We encourage our readers to send in feedback, request horse related things that they would like us to research, to share their own stories and most importantly, to have fun!

About Us

We are a small family consisting of myself (Jenny), Emily (our junior journalist) and Neil (taker of extra photos, fixer of all things IT, finance etc). We live in one of the best horse areas in Australia, the Hunter Valley, NSW. I have an Andalusian gelding named Andy the Andalusian, and Emily has a Welsh x called Mistie. We share our house with Ruby the ball loving Labradoodle, Simba and Nala our foster kittens who became permanent family members, and Mau who you will see in the magazine as my faithful office assistant. We also have a revolving door of foster dogs!We became the owners of HorseWyse in June 2021. After a lifetime spent with horses and teaching both children and adults to ride, and with Emily being a young rider, we felt that we were in a perfect position to carry on the legacy of HorseWyse.But it is not just our family who creates each issue of HorseWyse. We have an amazing group of contributors that create each issue of HorseWyse with us! We have a wonderful group that write so many of our articles, provide answers to questions, take amazing photos, supply competition prizes, help with sponsorship and provide advice along the way. And this also includes our fabulous readers who send through their questions, stories, photos and competition entries. We can't do what we do without everyone that helps along the way, and we can't do it without help from our readers.

Our Vision

​HorseWyse is about creating a family environment for readers to be able to both learn from and contribute to the magazine. HorseWyse prides itself in being inclusive of all horse lovers no matter what your riding style is, experience level, age, demographic or location. 

HorseWyse aims to always promote ethical training methods partnered with safety for both horses and riders/handlers. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to get young horse lovers reading rather than playing on their devices, and to enjoy the stories while at the same time learning valuable horse skills. Our mission is to give young horse lovers the opportunity to interact with other young horse lovers in Australia and around the world. ​