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    Summer 2017

    Back Issue of HW Magazine Summer 2017.



    Super Summer!!

    Holidays are the best especially the long hot summer ones! Hopefully you will find things to do in this issue for the indoors and outdoors….with your equine mate and without. 

    Well that is what Bumper Summer means after all! Heaps and heaps of great stories, horsey info and some of the best competitions this year. 

    Starting with a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who entered the Filly & Co T-shirt competition. The entries were overwhelming and it just makes us all so happy here at HW HQ to know that you put so much effort and thought into your designs. You should be very proud of yourselves….I know we all are. Sadly there is always just one winner…and they are on Page 39.

    BUT the model competitions open!!! Yay!!! And we know how much you love them and there are so many chances to win but again have fun creating your entries, which is after all the point! FUN and CREATIVITY!

    Thank you to all the NSW PC riders who applied for the sponsor rider, we did find a winner, albeit extremely hard….now it is Victoria’s turn. 

    Short Story competition is on again. At HW HQ we love reading all the entries, so we are really looking forward to seeing those creative stories pour in. There is a senior and junior category, so no excuses get imaginative and put pen to paper NOW. WIN a priceless autographed t-shirt from HW ambassador, Hannah Pikkat from #1itscrunchtime1 

    Time in the holidays to check your tack fits properly, then be sure to see the saddle fit story for some practical tips. Or if you are thinking about your first or a new horse/pony then please read Horses for Courses….it’s not about the size of your mount!

    Master your lunging skills these holidays, not only will you teach your horse some valuable ground manners whilst keeping fit, you will also gain confidence and respect from your equine buddy.

    Your feet, the horses feet, feeling where the feet are…. …..what am I talking about? Check out Steve Halfpenny’s story on Understanding timing to the feet.

    Hope is a stunning book that has been created as a legacy to a wonderful young girl who tragically lost her life far too early, Billie Kinder. It’s a story about her insightful writing ability and the creation of this truly beautiful book. BUT most importantly there are Christmas cards you can purchase where the funds go to charity…read more on page 54. PLEASE BUY these cards to send out at Christmas.

    Hannah and Crunch in Crunchtime Capers will certainly keep you busy…..make your own jumps!!! Before you know it, you too could be out and about performing!

    There’s so much more…I’m exhausted just thinking about it…lol

    So please enjoy HorseWyse Bumper summer 2017!

    Emma x

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